Mindset training for handball goalkeepers


This was very interesting and a great lecture that I had today with senior goalkeepers in one team!

Did you know that, according to cognitive neuroscientists, 95 percent of our brains activity is unconscious?!

That means that the majority of the decisions we make every single day, the actions we take, our emotions and behaviours, all of that depends on the 95 percent of brain activity that we have no conscious awareness of!!!!

If and when you learn how to “play” and shift some or many things that are within the 95% of the unconscious mind – you will be able to reach much higher heights in every aspect of your life!

For many of us, one of the biggest challenges we need to “deal” with every day are our own reactions, behaviours, emotions. This can be a big problem when transferred into athletic performance.

We need to learn how to express our emotional states in healthy, supportive ways.


Mindset training for handball goalkeepers


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