This exercise consists of two low save reactions of shots from a long distance: side step […]
This is one of the many exercises that you can use as part of the warm […]
In this video you can see one of the combo drills that I Iike to work […]
Here is a video of one of the combo drills for saves of high shots, starting […]
I hope you had a chance until now to master the simple version of these cognitive […]
Here is the first, simple version of one kind of cognitive jumps that you can use […]
Every camp that I’ve ever had in the last 10 years gave me so many amazing […]
Warm up can be used for work on footwork combined with some additional cognitive tasks that […]
Shooting low save combo drill with different difficulties levels of vestibular stimulation, including 180 and 360 […]
Here are a few warm up drills ideas, including coordination, footwork, cognitive coordination, eye-hand coordination, brain […]
Here are some of the feet burning ideas for the warm up, which you can use […]
Here you can find a few eye-hand coordination drills against the wall that you can make […]
An exercise for double save reaction of different height shots from 6m line.Prior to shooting, a […]
Option 1: Right hand is moving left and right and it’s throwing/catching green and orange bean […]
In this video you can see three versions of dynamic knee raises that that can be […]
In these two eye-hand coordination exercises,¨a goalkeeper is reacting on a given visual input: certain symbol […]
To get additional ideas for your eye-hand coordination workout, follow the instructions from the video. To […]
Few versions of dynamic leg swings that can be used after goalkeepers are properly warmed up […]
Here is a combo shooting exercise for saves of four wing shots with 4 different save […]
Here you can see one exercise for double save reaction of high wing shot to the […]
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