If you are a coach, and if you need support in any aspect of your coaching profession, but you are not sure where to reach for help – then this offer is for you! Originally, the idea for this offer developed spontaneously after I started receiving a lot of requests from goalkeeper coaches who needed help in different segments of their coaching work. Nowadays, my mentorship program for coaches goes far beyond only goalkeeper specific coaching, so I work not only with goalkeeper coaches, but also with team coaches, coaches from different sports, business leaders, and business teams.

The topics of my work with coaches have evolved over the years, and nowadays include a wide scope of things connected to goalkeeper coaching, such as goalkeeper technique and tactical coaching, video editing and video analysis of goalkeeper performance, preparation for competitions and matches, mental preparation, successful communication with goalkeepers, etc.

Besides these goalkeeping specific topics, I work with coaches from different sports and with business leaders on mentorship, leadership, executive coaching, emotional regulation, nervous system regulation, self-care tools and practices, organizational coaching, and many other aspects of coaching

If this resonates with you, and if you need help – feel free to contact me.

I accept only limited number of coaches, and I have available coaching spots only occasionally, so your best shot is to contact me via email at