Handball Goalkeeper Technique


“I have no experience in goalkeeping and in goalkeeper coaching.”
“I am not sure where and how to start working with my goalkeepers.”
“I am not sure how exactly the save movement should look like, and I don’t know how to teach it.”
“I don’t know how to explain to my goalkeeper about proper positioning or reactions in the goal.”

I get these and similar statements every week in emails from many of you.

I put a lot of effort and time in responding to some of your questions about the handball goalkeeper technique, but since it’s so energy consuming – I decided to create my online courses!
That was the fastest and the easiest way for me to answer the most of your questions and to help with the most of your confusions when it comes to the goalkeeper coaching.

Because many of you wanted to take part in my online courses, but you had too busy time schedules to attend to the live online sessions, I decided recently to switch my online courses from live online sessions into a self-paced course.
In that way you have the full freedom to work on the lectures in your own time, pace and speed.  🙂



Having a knowledge about proper handball goalkeeper technique gives us the ability to devote focus and time to goalkeepers in our training.

When we know how a proper save movement for a certain shot looks like, it’s much easier to approach teaching that movement, to split it into a more simple elements, to see what are the potential mistakes, to use the most efficient exercises for correction of the wrongly learned technique, to use proper progression while trying to teach a proper movement, and to create new exercises for working on the same topics.

In the video below, you can see one of the corrective exercises for potentially wrongly learned and adopted technique many young goalkeepers use for saves of low shots from 9m.

One of the most common mistakes that many young goalkeepers do when trying to save low shots is a wrong foot position of the reacting leg – when the foot of the reacting leg in side step is not laterally “open”, but it’s positioned in the same way as it was positioned in the basic stance (as you can see in the first part of the video).

To work on correction of the reacting foot position, we can use a corrective exercise with a step board, just like it’s shown in the second part of the video.


Handball Goalkeeper Technique


This exercise, and many other exercises and corrective exercises / suggestions about proper handball goalkeeper technique is what you will find in my self-paced Level 1 online course when you sign up for it! 🙂

“Self-paced” means that all sessions of the course are pre-recorded and available to you for viewing in your own time after the purchase!

The next group for my Level 1 online course will be launched on 29th of January 2022! There are still some available places, so you can join!



In my Level 1 course, I am talking about all basic goalkeeping topics:

  • goalkeeper warm up (general goalkeeper warm up, footwork, specific goalkeeper hip mobility)
  • the basic stance of a goalkeeper; movement in basic stance
  • angles in the goal and positioning
  • techniques for saves of high, middle and low shots from 9 meters
  • the most common mistakes goalkeepers make when performing high, middle and low saves for shots from 9 meters



Besides all these practical topics, in my self-paced Level 1 online course, I also included these topics:

  • a role of a coach who is working with goalkeepers
  • the most common challenges that every coach faces
  • simple elements of motivation that you can include in your coaching
  • the difference between goalkeeper technique and goalkeeper style


You can find out more info about my self-paced Level 1 online course and register for it through this link.

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