Visual input quality


Visual input quality should be your number one focus in training!


In any kind of sport, after working on proper technique, or tactics, or elements of physical training, or mental training, the next thing which will take you to the Elite Level is working on the visual input quality and the brain processing speed!

How fast you can see the visual input – how fast you can make the decision what to do about it – and how fast you can perform the output?!


By the relevance / hierarchy of the brain: the visual system is in the first place!


Did you know that our eyes have muscles which reflexively control our posture and movement? 🙂 Well, now you know! 🙂
More than 70% of movement and postural activity (balance/stabilization) is mediated by the visual system!


Simply said – if your visual system is compromised in ANY way, your brain will need to put the breaks on certain systems (since the main task of your brain is to protect you). So as an athlete or high performer in any field, you can work on strength, endurance, speed or anything else as much as you want, but if you are ignoring proper training of the visual system – those breaks will still be on and you won’t be able to reach your full potential!

If the brain perceives the threat (in this case that can be any kind of a challenge with the visual system), it will want to protect you in some way and it will keep those breaks in place!


Visual system is the most important part of your performance, whether you are a handball goalkeeper, a handball player, a rally race driver, a formula 1 driver, a soccer player, a tennis player or any other kind of athlete! That is why one of your main goals should be working on visual input quality!


So tell me – how often do you actually properly work on it?


Please remember: vision is way MUCH MORE than how clearly you can see something!
Vision is the ability to process incoming visal stimuli and to obtain the meaning from it!

When working on the visual input quality, there are several important things that you should consider.

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