Vision and cognitive training




This was a cognitive challenge which requires multi tasking, fast visual and processing skills while performing different tasks depending on the given chart.

This is a new cognitive training method that I have been developing for the last 2 years.
After learning all needed basics of technique in goalkeeper training, it’s important to include also exercises that will stimulate visual, vestibular (balance), and proprioceptive (movement) systems all at once.
The quality of output (a goalkeeper’s movement) is determined by the quality of visual input. If your brain is not processing accurate input in optimal and needed speed, the output (reaction) will also be slow!

So, why not to train the speed of information processing in the brain?


This is one segment of the brain-based goalkeeper coaching! It’s very challenging, interesting and most important – it’s novel!

Talented goalkeeper in the video: Roosa Niemi.

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