If you are a coach, in the truest sense of the word, then by extension you should also be an analyst. After all, a coach who isn’t analyzing performance really isn’t a coach at all. Simple as that. But how much attention as a handball coach are you really dedicating to video analysis? Does your video analysis comes down to only watching the video of the game of your team? Or you are eager to do something more? Understandable reason why some coaches are “afraid” of the video analysis is that most of the video analysis programs require some IT knowledge and skills to work on the computer. But nowadays video analysis is simplified and accessible to everyone! One of the simple and easy video analysis programs for use is Video Observer.   What is Video Observer? 1 Video Observer is a tool which records and analyses actions for coaches working in video and statistics. Video Observer is an interactive system of video analysis in handball perfectly tailored exactly for you team. Video Observer is a powerful online tool for coaches and players to analyze and work with video and statistical data.   Here are some key features that make Video Observer unique:

  • Sharing made easy. You can share all your matches and videos with your technical team and your athletes.
  • Video anywhere. Videos can be edited and compiled from anywhere in earth, you just need an internet.
  • Statistics. With VideObserver you stay up to date with your team through individual and custom statistics. You can also reasearch your opponents with elaborated reports.
  • Edit Videos. You can edit a video from one or many matches and use training tools to analyse your team performance.
  • Let go of DVDs. Everything is worked on and shared online.
  • Software updates. You will always access to the last version without additional costs and manual upgrades.
  • First class support. Support is included in the monthly plans.

Which operative system is compatible with Video Observer?

  • Video Observer is developed to work with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Which sports are compatible with Video Observer?

  • Video Observer was projected to work with Team-Handball and includes all the essential elements to allow any team to edit, analyze and share videos. It also provides a complete set of customizable tools.

Video analysis in handball with Video Observer in 3 easy steps: 3 1.Register 4 2.Analysis and video editing 5 3. Explore and report 6 It is evident that the use of performance analysis in elite sport is growing and therefore it is important to understand the importance of the role that the video analysis plays.   Excerpts of goalkeeper’s stats from Video Observer video analysis program:   Handball Goalkeeper shots and saves statistic Video Handball Goalkeeper shots and saves statistic You can select shots, saves, missed shots depending on who shot, from where, when, on which way. And at the same time with only one click you can see automatically video clip of any of the chosen: shots, saves, misses, positions, players. Also, program will automatically make final data preview on very simple way and easy to analyse.

With personally preset parameters, you can track anything you want, or you think is important to track: what is “stronger shooting” side of certain player, how s/he is shooting mostly from fast breaks, or from 9 meters positions; or how s/he is shooting from the step shots, from jump, or in penalty shots…you can track literally everything you want! Sounds like a Heaven of video analysis program for goalkeepers!

And the same goes not only for goalkeepers, but also for analyzing every other playing position in Video Observer.

Vanja Radic is sports consultant in Video Observer team since June 2013.

For more infoa bout Video Observer please send your inquiry to: vanja@vanjaradic.fi

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