Vanja Radic Coaching Level 1 Online Course

Vanja Radic Coaching self-paced Level 1 online course

Vanja Radic Coaching self-paced Level 1 online course


On 29th of January, my Level 1 Online Course for coaches starts with a completely new structure!
From now on, my online course is going to be self paced.
That means that all sessions of the course will be pre-recorded and available to you for viewing in your own time after the purchase!


The next group will be launched on 29th of January 2022, so if you want to join – please fill out the application which you can find on the link below!
When you join the online course, you will be able to download and keep forever all video and theory pre-recorded sessions.
After your purchase, you will get the access to 4 pre-recorded theory sessions.
Each session is between 110 – 135 minutes long, which means that you will get between 8-9 hours worth of content in total.
In every session I will talk in great detail about a few different goalkeeper training topics.
Every session consists of in depth theory part and video explanations and examples of elements of goalkeeper technique, in addition to which there will be videos of some of the most efficient exercises for work on basic goalkeeper technique on given topics.

Here is just a short summary of the topics we will speak about in my Level 1 online course:

  • The role of a coach who is working with goalkeepers
  • The most common challenges that every coach faces
  • Simple elements of motivation that you can include in your coaching
  • Goalkeeper technique vs goalkeeper style
  • Basic stance and movement in basic stance
  • Angles in the goal and proper positioning in relation to the shooter
  • Saves of high shots from 9 meters
  • Saves of low shots from 9 meters
  • Saves of middle shots from 9 meters

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