Vanja Radic Coaching Level 1 Online Course Feedback

Vanja Radic Coaching Level 1 Video Course Feedback

In this video you can see a feedback from one of the coaches who took part in my Level 1 and Level 2 online courses (and who is very eager to take part in Level 3 as well).

Thank you for your amazing input, your experience, your admirable coaching dedication and willingness to always improve and learn more, Vilius Rašimas!

I am proud and honored to say that I had a chance to be part of your progression in learning about handball goalkeeper coaching. Every goalkeeper should be honored and happy to be coached by you! 🙂



Here is just a short summary of the topics we work on Level 1 online course:

  • The most common challenges that every coach faces
  • Simple elements of motivation that you can include in your coaching
  • Goalkeeper technique vs goalkeeper style
  • Basic stance and movement in basic stance
  • Angles in the goal and proper positioning in relation to the shooter
  • Saves of high shots from 9 meters
  • Saves of low shots from 9 meters
  • Saves of middle shots from 9 meters

Here you can check out dates for the next launches of my self-paced Level 1 video course! 


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