Few tips for the wing saves


How to close or open desired angle in the goal for a wing shot?

You will be successful in the goal saving wing shots as much as big understanding of positioning and wing shooting angles you have!

Here are few tips you should keep in mind when working on saves of the wing shots:
-> Re-learn to position properly.
-> Don’t just stay in one place while the wing player is “flying”.
-> Follow properly every milimetar of shooter’s movement.
-> Don’t react too early.
-> Don’t step out too early.
-> Don’t react always in the same way.
-> Have more self confidence about where you are standing and what you are covering.
-> Offer one part of the goal.
-> Make them shoot where you want them to shoot.
-> Practice different ways to position and react.
-> Practice proper timing of your movement forward.
-> Film yourself and analyse your movement.
-> Create your own game concept for wing saves – the more you understand, the better you will be!



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