I am always speechless in front of the beauty and flow of human movement!

Especially when it comes to the athletic movement!

The whole process is quite amazing: the preciseness with which our brain perceives the input – which, in handball goalkeeping, is a visual stimuli and then the efficiency and speed of information processing / decision making, and in the end the output – which is the movement or save reaction!

You can (and you should) work on all these aspects with your goalkeepers (visual input, information processing and output), while at the same time teaching them principles of “proper” basic technique.

The reason why we want to start with teaching our young goalkeepers the proper basic technique is because of the efficiency and speed of movement, but also because of the prevention of potential injuries that wrongly performed technique can cause.

Now, does this mean that you are going to be extremely strict about the proper technique and overload + overwhelm your young goalkeepers with all 734 important details while they are learning the movements? No, it doesn’t! ? There are more simple and more efficient ways to do it!


In this video you can see an amazing exercise that will help you work on strength of the push off step that is needed for saves of high shots.

The same exercise can be done in many different options, also including shooting, of course.

Just be careful to not do it with too young / physically incapable goalkeepers to execute such a demanding movement.

This exercise is also great when you want to “isolate” the movement for save of high shots, and work only on push off.



How to split the entire movement in more simple parts is one of the most important things we need to know and to include when working with young goalkeepers! 🙂

You need to learn how to break down and simplify all movements and how to work on them with your goalkeepers step by step.

One of the ways to learn this in a relaxed and supportive environment is in my Level 1 Online Course for handball coaches! ???

I do love my online program, because I poured my heart, brain and soul in it, but it’s not only me who likes it! ?



There are many other coaches who gave me a really good feedback, and here is one of them:

“After struggling for 15 years in my coaching work when it comes to goalkeeper training, because I just didn’t understand the technique and movements. Now I finally feel empowered and confident that I have understanding about how the basic save movements should look like, how I can split the whole movement and work on it. I understand what are the most common mistakes and how I can work with my goalkeeper on correcting them.

Another amazing aspect that I never thought about before, but I got it with your online course is that now I know about some very important things that I can deliver verbally to our young goalkeepers. I can help them feel more motivated and inspired to stay in their playing position! The value I’ve got from your course is incomparable to any other course that I took about goalkeeping.” – J.S.


The next group for my Level 1 Online Course will be held on 8th and 9th of January 2022! ?


And you can take part in it even if you are not able to follow live sessions, you can read more about that and all other details by following this link.

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