TestYou Brain Training – more advanced eye hand coordination



In the two eye-hand coordination exercises in the video below, a goalkeeper is reacting on a given visual input: certain symbol of certain color (coach gets to decide the symbol and color), while at the same time, randomly, on any of the 6 semaphores can be shown any of 250 different available symbols in any of the possible colors (which makes it WAY MORE CHALLENGING than when working on any other “light switching on and off systems”).

This is where we specifically get to target certain regions in the brain that are devoted to ignoring the non important information (which is a valuable feature in sport). We get to work on speed of decision making, speed of information processing, speed of reaction and on advanced level of eye-hand coordination.

In the first version of the exercise, the goalkeeper is instructed to react on given task on right three semaphores with the right hand and on the three left semaphores with the left hand. Before reacting, a goalkeeper should free that hand by throwing the bean bag (or any other object) in the air, then reacting on a proper symbol and catching the bean bag before it falls away on the floor.

In the second version of this exercise, the goalkeeper should throw both bean bags in the air, react on a given symbol with pre-decided hand and then catch both bean bags before they fall away on the floor. Goalkeeper in the video: Roosa Niemi.

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