Goalkeeper sliding technique
HOW TO LEARN A SLIDING SAVE TECHNIQUE   How the proper sliding save technique looks like? […]
Vanja Radic Coaching Cartwheel
CARTWHEEL WITH A LOW SIDE STEP SAVE COMBO Once you understand how the proper technique for […]
Combo for saves of high shots from 9m     This is just one of the […]
High save reaction over the step board      This is one of the drills you […]
Combo drill – movement in basic stance with audio and visual stimuli     In this […]
Speed of hands in save reactions   This is one of the fun and very effective […]
90/90 hip mobility leg raise drill   Extending and bending of the leg in 90/90 hip […]
Saves of middle shots from 6m “X jump” save reaction One of the ways to save […]
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