If you are (or if you were) a handball goalkeeper, if you had a concussion caused […]
Saves of high shots – reactions with hands
SAVES OF HIGH SHOTS This video is such a beautiful reminder from Norway, from December 2019, […]
Core and back strength on stall bars
CORE AND BACK STRENGTH ON STALL BARS Stall bars (also called wall bars, stall walls, Swedish […]
Maximizing shooting warm up time for goalkeepers
MAXIMIZING SHOOTING WARM UP TIME FOR GOALKEEPERS Are you maximizing a shooting warm up time with […]
Level 1 Online Course, January 2022
I have been updating and organizing things on my website, so if you want to get […]
Vanja Radic Coaching Level 1 Online Course Feedback
Vanja Radic Coaching Level 1 Video Course Feedback In this video you can see a feedback […]
THE IMPORTANCE AND BEAUTY OF PROPER BASIC TECHNIQUE I am always speechless in front of the […]
Handball Goalkeeper Training – Online Course for Coaches, Level 1
When you take time to learn more about goalkeeping and how to properly work with your […]
Level 1 Online Course for Coaches
The importance of steps of progression in coaching
THE IMPORTANCE OF STEPS PROGRESSION IN COACHING The movement for a high shot save (that you […]
Do goalkeepers deserve attention in training?
DO GOALKEEPER DESERVE ATTENTION IN TRAINING? As a coach, how much can you really expect from […]
Combo for saves of high shots with medicine ball
Here are two combo options of exercises for saves of high shots with medicine ball. Medicine […]
Handball Goalkeeper Basic Technique in Warm Up
HANDBALL GOALKEEPER BASIC TECHNIQUE IN WARM UP I love making different combinations of exercises that can […]
Combo of side step and sliding for low saves
This exercise consists of two low save reactions of shots from a long distance: side step […]
Double high save combo with 360 turn
Here is a video of one of the combo drills for saves of high shots, starting […]
Cognitive jumps over the line – Versions 2 and 3
I hope you had a chance until now to master the simple version of these cognitive […]
Cognitive jumps over the line – Version 1
Here is the first, simple version of one kind of cognitive jumps that you can use […]
Cognitive challenge in handball goalkeeper training
A goalkeeper warm up before shooting with handballs can be used for footwork combined with some […]
Shooting low save combo with vestibular system stimulation
In this video you can see a shooting low save combo drill with different difficulties levels […]
Dynamic knee raises
DYNAMIC KNEE RAISES In this video you can see three versions of dynamic knee raises that […]
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