Long pass after fast low reactions Here is one little combo with fast getting up and […]
High save reaction over the step board      This is one of the drills you […]
Combo drill – movement in basic stance with audio and visual stimuli     In this […]
Speed of hands in save reactions   This is one of the fun and very effective […]
Sitting hip mobility drill     Goalkeeper in the video: Joonas Klama, VfL Gummersbach  
Coordination – ankle touch 3 positions     Always make new challenges when working on coordination! […]
Footwork over the line     Sometimes all the “equipment” you need for the warm up […]
Combo of low, high and middle saves of shots from 6m   This is one of […]
One of the exercises for saves of middle shots from 6m Just some ideas and steps […]
Ladder super drill   This is only one of many ladder drills that we have done […]
Corrective exercise for low saves   This is only one of many exercises that you can […]
Video course announcement – saves of low shots from 9m   As I already announced earlier […]
Handball Goalkeeper Warm up option   This is just one of many ideas for the warm […]
Speed of reaction-combo drill   This is just one of some of my favorite combo drills […]
Vision and cognitive training       This was a cognitive challenge which requires multi tasking, […]
Some of the exercises for movement in basic stance   These drills have small elements of […]
If you understand how balance is created in the body you will know that there are […]
Low saves combo drill One more combo drill from Vanjo’s “kitchen”! 🙂 This is very demanding […]
Some of the steps in progression for saves of low shots from 9M that you can […]
Internet goalkeeper coaching   When working with young goalkeepers, it’s the most essential that you teach […]
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