One of the most complicated topics in goalkeeper coaching is proper work on saves of the […]
The better you understand different ways to position and react on different wing shots – the […]
180 degree jump turn and side step low save reaction   Clean and proper technique should […]
Speed of reaction is a great skill for all athletes! But speed of decision making or […]
  This is one of the exercises with resistance band for saves of high shots from […]
There are several exercises you can develop further from making backwards half roll and stand up […]
Many of you have asked me about NeuroTracker, how it looks like and what it does. […]
Few tips for the wing saves   How to close or open desired angle in the […]
The following is a series of a few warm up resistance exercises combining the exercises with […]
Double lateral push off step from the same leg This is one of my new combo […]
High save reaction from kneeling squat jump   This is one of the more advanced exercises […]
X-jump save for the 6 meters shots       This is one of the exercises […]
Low save reaction from kneeling position   This is one of the exercises for low save […]
Step forward and middle save reaction for 6 meter shots         In this […]
6m middle save reaction on Bosu ball     Here you can see combination sideways movement […]
High and low saves with medicine ball     In this video you can see two […]
Shooting combo for saves of high and low shots   This is the result when players […]
Here are some of my upcoming coaching projects until September 2018, there are many more which […]
Handball Goalkeeper Training pre-season drills ideas   In this video you can see only few exercises […]
Combo for saves of high shots from 9m     This is just one of the […]
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