Handball Goalkeeper Basic Technique in Warm Up
HANDBALL GOALKEEPER BASIC TECHNIQUE IN WARM UP I love making different combinations of exercises that can […]
Shooting exercise for double save of 6m line shots
This is an exercise for double save reaction of different height shots from 6m line. Prior […]
Eye-hand coordination with two balls
To get additional ideas for your eye-hand coordination workout, follow the instructions from the video. To […]
Dynamic leg swings
DYNAMIC LEG SWINGS Here you can see a few options of dynamic leg swings and dynamic […]
Combo shooting exercise for saves of the wing shots
Here is a combo shooting exercise for saves of four wing shots with 4 different save […]
Exercise for double wing and 6m line shot save
Here you can see one exercise for double save reaction of high wing shot to the […]
Footwork with TestYou brain training system
You can always use warm up time to work on coordination combined with some additional cognitive […]
Combo exercise with resistance band for saves of low and high shots
Here is one of the combo exercises for save reactions of low and high shots. This […]
handball - 7 vs 6 situational goalkeeper exercise
Here is one of the many specific situational exercises options when working on 7 vs 6 […]
Neural activation in the warm up
Here are a few exercises that I love using in the warm up phase with my […]
Leg kick save reaction for 6m line shots
Here is one of the exercise options for leg kick save reaction of middle shots from […]
Standing hip flexion and rotation with mini band
It’s needless to speak about the importance of hip flexor muscles strength, mobility and flexibility in […]
Here is one of the ideas / ways how to work on hip flexion and rotation […]
Saves of the wing shots are one of the most complex and demanding topics in work […]
In this video, you can see two options of one of the exercises that you can […]
Being fast is important in handball goalkeeping. Being fast to see the game, being fast to […]
One more amazing tactical wing shot save! This time by a great goalkeeper Jelena Grubisic (from […]
 “1, 3, 5, BALL”! You can be as creative as you want with this game! […]
Here is one more amazing wing shot save! This time by a goalkeeper Nikola Portner (from […]
As I have explained already several times, in my coaching work I like to split reactions […]
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