Step Board Footwork Warm-Up Step board footwork warm-up exercises can be particularly beneficial for handball goalkeepers, […]
Core Strength for Handball Goalkeepers Core strength is a foundational element for handball goalkeepers, playing a […]
Work Ethic in Handball Goalkeeping: The Blueprint for High Performance   Goalkeeping is a specialized position […]
Demands of Handball Goalkeeper Position The demands of handball goalkeeper position are very high, and often […]
Corrective Exercise For Low Saves
Corrective Exercise For Low Saves In this video you can see a suggestion for a corrective […]
Handball Goalkeeper Activation Exercises In the video below you can find some of the many activation […]
Never Give Up On Your Dreams! “One day people will look at you and say: be […]
Coaching Across Cultures I have been coaching across cultures for over 2 decades now, and I […]
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How To Learn the Sliding Save Technique As a coach working with young handball goalkeepers, maybe […]
High Save Reaction Progression Exercise In this article, you can learn more about one of many […]
Sliding Technique Video Course How the proper sliding technique looks like? What are the most common […]
Handball Goalkeeper Positioning I got inspired to write an article about handball goalkeeper positioning after receiving […]
Do Agility Ladders Improve Agility? This blog post is a continuation of my previous blog post […]
Cartwheels in Handball – For Goalkeepers There are many different ways in which you can use […]
Proper Way to React With Hands in Saves of High Shots I love sharing ideas, knowledge […]
Active Stretching for Handball Goalkeepers Goalkeeping in handball is a position that demands agility, quick reflexes, […]
Handball Goalkeeper Training - Both Legged Lateral Jump and High Save
Both Legged Lateral Jump and High Save In this video you can see one of the […]
Leg Kick Save Reaction On Step Boards In this video you can find two combo exercises […]
Viktor Gísli Hallgrímsson – Handball Goalkeeper Inspiring Story I had the pleasure of getting the chance […]


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