Eye-hand coordination
EYE-HAND DRILL IN PAIRS In this video, you can find two options of an eye-hand drill […]
Eye hand coordination-different patterns
  Option 1:Right hand is moving left and right and it’s throwing/catching green and orange bean […]
Eye-hand coordination with two balls
To get additional ideas for your eye-hand coordination workout, follow the instructions from the video. To […]
 “1, 3, 5, BALL”! You can be as creative as you want with this game! […]
Visual input quality   Visual input quality should be your number one focus in training!   […]
In organization with badminton club TVS-Sulka, we have had a Vision Training Workshop for tennis and […]
Here are some of the exercises with TestYou Brain Training System on eye-hand-foot coordination with additional […]
  TestYou eye-hand coordination will add more challenge to your usual exercises!   Here are some […]
Convergence is the ability of the eyes to move medially / inwards, towards the nose, the […]
  Option of a catch with the same side hand and with the opposite side hand. […]
Hand tapping while knee balancing on Swiss ball       
Eye-hand and visual coordination with an eye patch    Here you can see a few eye-hand […]
Speed of reactions with hands   Here you can see some of the exercises for speed […]
Eye-hand coordination     What is the eye-hand coordination? Eye-hand coordination refers to how quickly and […]
Eye hand coordination drill with cards This is fun way to practice eye hand coordination with […]
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