Step forward and middle save reaction for 6 meter shots





In this video you can see one of the exercises which combines few of the most essential things for saves of 6 meter line player shots, and they are the movement forward and then reaction.

In this particular exercise we have worked on save reactions of middle shots from 6 meters – on save reaction with leg raise and arm movement.




Going forward should be practiced with one step or with two steps, in both cases movement forward is followed with reaction (high, middle or low, and many different combinations and versions of each of them can be done, depending of course on what are you working on).


In further work with goalkeepers we can also work on step forward, then correction of the supporting leg and then save reaction (high, middle, low, and any combination or version of each of them).


In this exercise we have used two additional external loads, because previously we have already done proper steps of progression until this version of the exercise.
**Advice: don’t do this version of the exercise without first making sure that your goalkeeper is physically and technically able to do it PROPERLY!!

External loads that we have used in this exercise are SKLZ resistance band around the waist and kinetic resistance bands for legs. Both these resistance bands are adding to the load, thus enhancing power and speed of the movement, making it more explosive – which is one of the main things in any reaction on 6 meter shots.


The save movement we have used in this exercise for middle shots from small distance was leg raise and arm movement.
As explained in the video – the leg raise movement should be done in two phases: 1) external rotation and knee raise and 2) knee extension, lower leg kicking. In this way the reaction is faster.
The most common mistake that many goalkeepers are making in this kind of save reaction is that they are lifting up straight leg with the knee locked.


Goalkeeper in the video: Wilhelmina Wolff​

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