In this video, you can see two options of one of the exercises that you can do for practicing first step forward in saves of line player shots from 6m.

Both options can also be used as an additional footwork in the warm up, it depends what you want to work on in your training.
The first option of the exercise in the video is done in fast rhythm, reacting on each pair of cones as fast as possible and positioning in basic stance after kicking the cones forward.
In second option of the exercise goalkeeper reacts on each pair of cones on audio stimuli.

First starting leg in step forward can be free or decided. I like to work on decided option – first starting with left leg the whole round and then in the next one reacting first with the right leg. Because, in my opinion, it’s always a good thing to work also on goalkeeper’s non-dominant leg in first step forward.

The main goal of both options of this exercise was to work on a little bit more fast and agile reaction in step forward (when reacting on 6m line player shots).
Besides that, the main focus should always be keeping proper basic stance before, during and after the reaction on each pair of cones (meaning – not putting hands down). After kicking the cones forward – goalkeeper should not be unstable in basic stance (like falling forward), but to keep proper and balanced basic stance.

You can be as creative as you want with this exercise, you can change the distance from the goal line, you can change the order of first reacting leg, combine the order of first reacting leg, change the order of reacting on pairs of cones, react on audio, visual or tactile stimuli…options are endless once you turn on your coaching creativity! 🙂

The distance from the goal line did not matter in shown options in the video, since we have worked on dominant / non dominant leg in step forward and on a more explosive / faster step forward. It just depends what is a chosen goal with the exercise. In this case, the exercise can be used with several targets, it just depends which one is chosen for work in certain moment.

After performing this exercise, goalkeepers are always able to make more explosive movement in that first step forward, and that was what I was going after in this specific case! 🙂

Goalkeeper in the video: Christian Haga (Dicken, 2004 born team)

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