Step Board Drills in Handball Goalkeeper Training

Step Board Drills in Handball Goalkeeper Training

Step board drills are an excellent way to enhance a handball goalkeeper’s agility, strength, coordination, and reaction times. Incorporating step board exercises into a goalkeeper’s training routine can significantly improve their performance on the court.

This post explores the advantages of step board drills and how they can be easily integrated into goalkeeper training to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries.



The Significance of Step Board Drills

Involving a simple but versatile piece of equipment – the step board, into a handball goalkeeper training offers countlessly many benefits tailored specifically for handball goalkeepers. These exercises are designed to improve lower body strength, improve coordination, and boost overall agility. For all quick changes of direction and explosive movements required during a game, step board drills offer a targeted approach to refining the physical capabilities of goalkeepers.

The main thing that will have an impact on how big benefits you will get from including step board drills in your work, is what kind of step board drills you will choose to work on with your goalkeepers.


Key Benefits of Step Board Drills

  • Improved Footwork and Agility – Quick feet are crucial for goalkeepers to position effectively and react to shots. Step board drills improve agility, allowing for quick, precise movements.
  • Improved Lower Body Strength – The repetitive nature of stepping up and down strengthens the leg muscles, which are very important for explosive jumps and extended reaches for shots aimed at far high or low corners in the goal.
  • Increased Coordination and Balance – Navigating the step board requires coordination and balance, mirroring the dynamic challenges faced in goalkeeping.
  • Injury Prevention – By improving muscle strength and joint stability, these drills can help decrease the risk of lower body injuries common in handball goalkeepers.


Implementing Step Board Drills in Goalkeeper Training

Incorporating step board drills into a goalkeeper’s training requires a strategic approach. Here are some ideas for a few different drills that you can do on step boards with your goalkeepers:

Basic Step-Ups for Endurance and Coordination

Objective: Improve lower body strength and coordination, essential for quick movements and effective saves.

How to Do It:

  • Stand facing the step board.
  • Step up with one foot, follow with the other, and then step down in the same order.
  • Maintain a fast pace, focusing on keeping your balance and coordination.

Lateral Step-Overs for Agility

Objective: Improve lateral movement agility, crucial for adjusting position in front of the goal, and reaching for shots in far corners.

How to Do It:

  • Stand parallel to the step board.
  • Quickly step sideways onto the board and then down to the other side, replicating a fast lateral movement in front of the goal.


Plyometric Jumps for Explosive Power

Objective: Build explosive leg power for dynamic jumps and save reactions.

How to Do It:

  • Stand in front of the step board with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Perform a squat and then jump onto the board with both feet, landing softly in a squat position.
  • Step back down and immediately jump again.


Single-Leg Jumps for Balance and Strength

Objective: Improve balance and unilateral leg strength, aiding in controlled landings and powerful take-offs.

How to Do It:

  • Stand on one leg in front of the step board.
  • Jump onto the board with the same leg, then jump back down.
  • Maintain balance and control throughout the movement.


Goalkeeper-Specific Save Movements

Objective: Simulate game-like save movements using the step board to develop quick reflexes and specific muscle memory.

How to Do It:
High Saves Drill:

  • Place the step board to your side at a slight angle.
  • From a goalkeeper stance, explosively step up and extend one arm over the board, simulating a high corner save.
  • Alternate sides.

Low Saves Drill:

  • Position the step board to your side, standing a short distance away.
  • Practice diving over the board to simulate a low save, focusing on a controlled landing and quick recovery.


Video – Step Board Drills Ideas For Handball Goalkeepers

In the video below, you can find some of the step board drills for handball goalkeepers:



Incorporating Step Board Drills into Training

Integrating these drills into a handball goalkeeper’s training routine can provide a comprehensive workout that targets the specific needs of the position. For best results, these exercises should be done 2-3 times a week, alongside regular goalkeeper training. Always emphasize proper form and safety, particularly when performing high-intensity drills like plyometric jumps and goalkeeper specific save reactions movements.

By focusing on agility, power, and goalkeeper-specific movements, step board drills can significantly improve a goalkeeper’s ability to perform dynamic saves, improve their footwork, and reduce the risk of injury on the court.


In Conclusion

Step board drills offer a dynamic and effective method to improve the physical attributes of handball goalkeepers. By incorporating these exercises into regular training sessions, goalkeepers can significantly improve their agility, strength, coordination, and injury resilience. As with any other training tool, the key to success is in consistency, progression, and making sure that the drills are executed with proper form and technique. With the step board, handball goalkeepers have a straightforward and powerful tool at their disposal to elevate their performance to new levels.



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All content (such as text, data, graphics files, images, illustrations, videos, sound files), and all other materials contained in are copyrighted unless otherwise noted and are the property of Vanja Radic Coaching. If you want to cite or use any part of the content from my website, you need to get the permission first, so please contact me for that matter.