Speed of reaction-combo drill


This is just one of some of my favorite combo drills combining speed of reaction and elements of save reactions for low and high saves of shots from 9m!

In the first part of the video goalkeepers are doing footwork drill “in and out” while moving forward, then they are reacting on audio stimuli (whistle) and performing 360 degrees rotation in jump, thus activating vestibular system. Just after the landing they have to immediately respond to the visual stimuli – shown direction of my hand.

At the beginning they reacted to the side and height (high or low saves) that I showed.
In the next option, they reacted to the opposite side, but the same height (high or low saves).
In the last, more complex version, they are reacting to the opposite side and height of save reaction from the one I showed.

Always pay attention that they are performing correct basic goalkeeper technique when making any of the save reactions, and another thing to keep in mind-try to get them to keep their hands in basic stance while making 360 degrees rotation in jump (very often they will put their hands down just before the jump).

Additional important thing, if speaking about brain based coaching, is that you want to get them to perform 360 degrees rotation in jump while turning to both sides. Meaning: to the left and then also to the right side. There is always dominant side to which they will turn most of the times, and you want to work also on non dominant one.

Always remember the importance of INTENTIONAL coaching!




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