Speed of decision making – I have tried to make simple illustration about 3 main steps that happen while the brain is processing visual input.


EVERYTHING that a handball goalkeeper will do in the goal depends on and starts with visual input! In general, visual input overrides everything else!
In my world, it’s not even needed to explain how extremely important component of a goalkeeper training is visual training!
Visual training is only one segment of my whole concept of the brain based coaching.
This is somewhat new concept in handball, and I couldn’t find any educational materials that were previously done in handball. That is the reason why I am working a lot on different neuro and brain educations in the last few years, and why I am so passionate to spread the importance about this topic in our little community!
Another important thing that I want to mention is that if we are speaking about the speed and improving the speed of a goalkeeper (or player) – you will get the fastest and best results by improving the visual input and decision making process!
If you train yourself to “see faster”, to decide what to do about what you saw – then also your output / movement will be faster! Pretty simple.
In general, most of coaches are working on improving the output quality, which is the movement quality. But really, observed from the “brain hierarchy” – the output quality depends on the input quality.
So tell me – how often do you work on input quality?



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