South Korea National Team 2022


I was “silent” for the last 3 weeks because I was enjoying free time after coaching and being on the road for 2,5 months in total.

During that time, I was on 3 continents, and in 5 countries.

In July I lectured as an EHF Expert at the 2nd module for coaches at the Master Coach Course in Porto. Right after that I went to Seoul to start working with the men’s senior national team of South Korea. It’s really nice to look back now and to see the progression of our national team in the last few months.

We had a long, but very good training camp that lasted 7 weeks. I have never spent 7 weeks with a national team before, so this was really an interesting experience in so many different regards. We all got to learn a lot!


I have to say that I admire Korean culture and mentality, and the capacity to stay and be together as a team for such a long time, with an incredible level of  support between the players inside of the team.

The first week of our training camp we spent in South Korea, the second week in Denmark, the following 3 weeks after that in Portugal, and in the end the last 2 weeks we spent in South Korea.

South Korea Handball


Our main focus was to improve individual skills of our players and goalkeepers, and also to improve our team play.

Playing a lot of friendly matches in Europe + having joint practices with many European teams helped us getting used to handball styles that are different from Asian handball style.


All of which will help us prepare the best we can for the World Championship in January 2023!

At the end of our 7 weeks long training camp we played 2 friendly matches against Japan.


South Korea National Team 2022


We lost the first match, and won the second one, with such a beautiful surprise for me as a goalkeeper coach, which was: our goalkeeper Kim was the MVP of the game!


I was proud and happy of the hard work of our goalkeepers and our entire team, because I know how hard and challenging it was / is for them to adjust to a totally different way of coaching and work in training that Rolando Freitas, Herlander da Silva and I excitedly brought with our arrival into the team.


South Korea Handball


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