Sliding Video Course


How the proper sliding technique looks like?

What are the most common mistakes?

What are the most important things to consider?

What are the steps of progression?

What kind of exercises can be used in every step of progression?


Get answers to all these questions in my newest video course!

sliding technique


This pre-recorded course lasts 122 minutes, and in it you will get my methodology for teaching the goalkeeper sliding save technique, with a total of 46 exercises suggestions and detailed explanations for every exercise!

Here are the exact topics of the video course
• how the proper sliding technique looks like;
• the most common mistakes;
• the most important things to consider  (position of reacting and non-reacting arm; proper trajectory of the hips during the sliding movement; position of reacting and non reacting leg and foot)
• the importance and suggestions of exercises for proper preparation before starting to work on sliding (suggestions of exercises for the warm-up and muscle activation, which inevitably include flexibility, mobility and strengthening for the most targeted muscle groups in sliding movement)
• suggestions of exercises for proper steps of progression in training when working on the sliding save technique (half split seated exercises, kneeling exercises and exercises that start from the basic stance)



To get more info and to buy the video course, please follow this link.


Sliding Technique



Besides this video course, you can also purchase my agility ladder video compilation with 102 drills.

To read more about that online offering, please check out this link.

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