Saves of the wing shots are one of the most complex and demanding topics in work with young goalkeepers. As a goalkeeper coach, you want to make sure that you are devoting enough of time while working on this with your goalkeepers. Also, you want to make sure that you are using proper steps of progression while working on so many different segments of positioning and different ways to react on different kinds of shots from the wing. For more info about that, you can check some of my previous posts and videos on this topic.

In this video you can see one of the exercises for practicing side jump middle save reaction of wing shots from normal or big angle.
Focus is on additional lateral load for the outside leg and on starting and ending the reaction from proper stance (position of hands before,during and in the end of the reaction). There are a lot of important details in this particular way of reaction which should be properly worked on.

Important to emphasize and clarify: this is only one, of many other ways, to react on wing shots, and it is NOT and it should NOT be the only way to react on wing shots! 🙂


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