Very often many coaches ask me what kind of shooting warm up they should have for their goalkeepers. Should it be one line, two lines, three lines…

In principle I always answer the same: it depends what is the intention of the warm up: to warm up and prepare goalkeepers or to make it more advanced and complicated for players?
If given exercises are not too demanding for players and if they can still focus and shoot properly where you want them to shoot to warm up the goalkeepers – then just be creative and make any kind of the exercise for players before the execution of the shot.
But PLEASE, be aware of the fact that in many teams this shooting part of the warm up will (unfortunately) be the only time when coaches give any attention to goalkeepers.

So you don’t want to make it too demanding or too complicated for players so that they are unable to concentrate and shoot the desired shot for your goalkeeper! 🙂
I have seen this happening too many times, and then even those few minutes of training time that should be completely focused on a goalkeeper get lost and wasted, and goalkeeper doesn’t get a proper warm up!!


In this video you can see few different ideas for players with combining the stimulation of vestibular system (180 and 360 degrees jump turns), different coordination tasks and movements towards the goal (forward, backwards, sideways..)
There is also shooting from specific position, where a goalkeeper can practice certain element of goalkeeper technique.
Naturally, from these ideas you can further develop some other drills as well.



Goalkeepers in the video:
Tommi Haverinen, Lauri Arkko, Oscar Snellman and Joonas Klama, all U18 Finnish national team goalkeepers.
(Shooters are from the same national team)   🙂


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