The better you understand different ways to position and react on different wing shots – the better you will become in saving those wing shots!

Main problem for most of the goalkeepers is not having a clear idea and plan how to react on different kinds of wing shots. So then they surrender to automated, very often wrong and too early way ro react, without clear and patient follow through.

Remember – patience and deep understanding of the topic will make a huge difference in your performance!

Please note:  there is NO NEED to make step forward when the shot comes from small angle!

Important thing to consider: making a step forward towards the player IS NOT THE ONLY, EXCLUSIVE WAY to position or to react on wig shots!

There are many varieties and things that have to be considered and worked on when it comes to reacting on wing shots!!!

Dummy in the video used to mark the wing defender is a FoamDude product and you can find out more about them here on their official website.



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