Saves of middle shots from 6m

“X jump” save reaction

One of the ways to save middle shots from 6m is “X jump”. This save is one of a bit more complicated elements of goalkeeper technique. It can be also explained as a “split in the air”.

Goalkeeper “X jump” save is timely entry into the shot.

Goalkeepers are using this kind of save mostly for short distance shots, such as shots from 6 meters line (pivot shots), or fast break shots.

The most important part of this goalkeeper save reaction is good timing of reacting towards the shooter, thus shortening the shot angle and uncovered space of the goal.

The essential detail in this kind of save is that the goalkeeper shouldn’t be moving forward anymore at the moment when the ball is leaving the shooter’s hand.

We shouldn’t teach very young goalkeepers this movement, because of the automation. Meaning that once we teach young goalkeeper to “jump”, she/he will create the habit of using this kind of save most of the time, sometimes even for 9 meters saves (been there, seen that 🙂 ). And then we will have much more trouble to correct it. Another reason is that young goalkeepers are not physically ready to perform properly this movement.

This is why is so important to include this element in goalkeeper’s training later on.


Also, very important is to ensure that your goalkeeper is physically ready to perform this movement.  This means that you should first work a lot on his/hers flexibility, hip mobility, jumping ability, explosiveness, agility and coordination of hands and legs in the movement.

You should prepare your goalkeepers systematically and thoroughly for each part of this element of goalkeeper technique.


In this video you can see just some suggestions for progression steps in training the goalkeeper “x jump”:


Be VERY CAREFUL with the amount of repetitions of jumps while practicing with young goalkeepers!

Because young goalkeepers are still in process of growth and they are at a greater risk for injury than adults! The consequences of overdoing certain exercise can include injuries that impair growth, and may lead to long-term health problems.

But more about that you can read here.



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