Rectus femoris stretch - handball goalkeeper

Studies that examine muscular activation have shown that the rectus femoris muscle is very active during the movements in which quadriceps activity is high (such as forward or sideways lunges), and movements in which the hip flexor activity is high.
And as we all know – handball goalkeepers have a very high usage and activity of hip flexor muscles in their training and game performance.

Goalkeeper training session should be followed by a cool-down, in which you can do some of the very beneficial things for the recovery of your body.

One of the exercises you should definitely try out is this rectus femoris stretch!

Rectus femoris stretch - handball goalkeeper


This exercise is a great hip flexor stretch and it can help you progress to the pigeon and pigeon twist stretches.

The only thing you need to be careful about when working on this stretch is to be aware of for how long you will do it!

Too much passive stretching can cause hamstring strains, so be mindful of the length and amount of your passive stretching sets! 😀


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