April 2013


After very successful  last year’s camp for goalkeepers in Turku, and after we have got a lot of positive feedback, we decided to proceed with the Goalie Camp project!  🙂

Take a look what participants thought of Goalie Camp 2012.

  • Where: at Samppalinna court, Itäinen Pitkäkatu 45, Turku  
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  • When: 13.-14.04.2013.
  • For who: girls and boys goalies born in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998.
  • Coach: Vanja Radic


We had 9 participants from 6 different clubs from Finland:


Participants of Goalie Camp Turku April 2013:

  • Isabella Paganus (1998), KyIF, Kirkkonummi, Finland
  • Benjamin Hartman (1998), GrIFK, Espoo, Finland
  • Suvi Erhovaara (1998), Sparta IF, Helsinki, Finland
  • Taru Kekki (1998), Sparta IF, Helsinki, Finland
  • Linnea Gareis (1998), KyIF, Kirkkonummi, Finland
  • Tia Lehtinen (1998), Atlas, Vantaa, Finland
  • Cara Feodoroff (1997), GrIFK, Espoo, Finland
  • Joosef Abokther (1998), HIFK, Helsinki, Finland
  • Sofie Råholm (1995), ÅIFK, Turku, Finland



We were learning all the basics of goalkeeper’s technique, as they are the base for development and success of every goalkeeper.

Also at the camp we were working on:

  • movement in basic stance
  • reactions on high, middle and low shots from the basic stance
  • specifics of the goalie save reaction on 6m and 9m shots
  • coordination
  • exercises for improving the feeling of spatial awareness
  • hip flexor mobility
  • balance
  • exercises based on motion to enhance mental capabilities-crossing the body’s mid-line
  • speed of reaction
  • eye-hand coordination
  •  exercises for improving reflexes and flexibility

The quality of the Goalie Camp is recognized by a few sponsors who have been loyal last year and also this year.

And they are:

And this year we have got new friend/sponsor of our camp and that is Errea.

  • Here you can find photos from Goalie Camp Turku April 2013


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