Level 1 Online Course for Coaches


•How do you create and modify your own coaching philosophy?

•What are the most important things to consider when working with young athletes, especially with handball goalkeepers?

•How can you adjust and change your approach when working with different goalkeepers?

•How can you motivate young athletes and goalkeepers?

•What things you probably never even mentioned to your goalkeepers as a coach that can improve their engagement, motivation and performance levels instantly?

•What are the most important details in basic technique and how do you teach them properly?

•What kind of mistakes in basic technique all young goalkeepers make most of the time?

•How can you correct those mistakes?




If you want to hear answers on these and all other questions about basic goalkeeper technique, you can join our next group for Level 1 online course about goalkeeping for coaches which will be held on 8th and 9th of January 2022! 

Depending on the time when you are reading this text, I have probably published  new possible dates for Level 1 online course. To be up to date of when I will have my next Level 1 online courses, please always check out this link.

Here is what one of the coaches, who was a participant in one of the previous Level 1 groups of my online course, said about the course:

“I wanted to know more about Vanja and her work for a long time and it wasn’t a surprise that the course was so great. Vanja focuses on all the important details that should be considered in every movement and that makes a big difference when working with young goalkeepers. The feedback we got during the online course was very good, the group was very dynamic and we could exchange many valuable information and ideas. We get to know different ways of thinking and training goalkeepers.” – R.V. , goalkeeper coach


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