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  • Are you struggling with finding the ways how to teach your young goalkeepers proper basic technique?
  • Can you recognize the most common mistakes that young goalkeepers do before learning proper basic technique?
  • Do you want to help your young goalkeepers learn proper technique, but you just don't know where and how to start?


Hi! I'm Vanja Radic, a professional handball goalkeeper coach.
I have started developing my coaching methodology already in 2004, when I got my senior handball coaching degree, with the main focus and my thesis topic on coaching handball goalkeepers.


I started my coaching journey back in 2010, and as I was starting out - I've realized pretty soon that there were not really many places where I could learn the exact, correct steps of progression for teaching all details of proper goalkeeper technique.


Since it was impossbile to find educational materials on how exactly to start properly coaching young goalkeepers, I was literally forced to create my own coaching methodology right away, which I have been molding, adjusting and reshaping since then for years.

Alongside with my coaching, in 2012 I have launched my website (the one you're at now) and I started publishing educational articles and videos. This is how my work started being exposed and seen in many other countries.

I was always extremely passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping other coaches and goalkeepers get inspired with some of my insights and ideas about goalkeeper training, more exactly - about proper goalkeeper technique.

In 2015 I started with different international coaching projects - camps for goalkeepers and educations about goalkeeping for coaches.


From 2015 until 2020 I have coached goalkeepers and educated coaches about goalkeeping in 15 different countries, while closely cooperating with some of the biggest names in handball.

I have coached all age categories, from 9 years old until senior level, both male and female goalkeepers.


Until this day, I have never stopped learning more, exploring more, understanding more and getting more coaching inspiration from different sports and different training methodologies.

Over the years it was very evident and noticeable need for providing an additional help about how to coach young goalkeepers to other coaches in many other countries.

This is why I have created this online group coaching program about handball goalkeeping for coaches!

The pandemic has slowed down and disabled many of our interantional projects in many different countries, but this is not where we have to stop! We were all patiently waiting when this weird situation will end, but since it's not yet changing, then we can change our approach! :)This is why I have created this online group coaching program for goalkeepers! So that we could all meet, learn, interact and keep improving!

Come and join us!

I strongly believe in:

  • Dedication, perserverance and hard work
  • Proper steps of progression
  • Splitting complex learning lessons in understandable, smaller portions
  • Novelty and challenge in coaching
  • Implementation of cognitive training
  • Attention to details
  • Different coaching and different individual approach methods for different goalkeepers
  • Learning how to create and hold safe and supportive space for making mistakes while learning
  • Teaching "why" alongside with "how"

Kari Aalvik Grimsbø (Norway)

"Vanja is a very passionate coach with a good eye for details. She puts a lot of energy into creating specific trainings with variations, based on the desire to develop and learn."

Jan Erik Wiedemann (Norway)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Vanja on several occasions and would not hesitate to recommend her to everyone I know.

Her courses uphold the highest standards of quality. The courses are very well build up from a learning perspective. They are also fun and exciting, much due to Vanja's charismatic and outgoing personality.

If you want world class quality AND a fun time, I would definitely recommend Vanjas courses!"

Nichlas Riise (Denmark)

"Vanja is the most dedicated and brilliant coach I have met on my way. Goalkeeper nerd, whose enthusiasm affect anyone on the floor, to be the best of themselves."

Klaus Berghoffer (Germany)

"Vanja gave us the special training days for goalkeepers that brought our keepers in the club and from far away. In a very entertaining and intense way keepers get the basics combined with special drills.

They loved the hand/eye coordination drills Vanja taught them and still do them for warm up and stretching.
As an outsider and with a special approach, Vanja found abilities in keepers which they have not known about. Everyone took special motivation, skills and friendships home. If we could, we would make camps with Vanja every month."

Thomas Moeglin (denmark)

"I am so lucky that I have worked with Vanja a few times.
Vanja is a coach "on the top shelf" in my opinion.
Vanja is extremely good technically and easy to learn from.
She is always well prepared and she is constantly evolving.
Vanja is constantly trying to use the new technology to improve our goalkeepers."


This online course is FOR YOU IF:

  • You are willing to put in needed work
  • You are dedicated to learn more about proper way to coach young goalkeepers basic goalkeeper technique
  • You are open to share ideas and feedback

Before applying, please make sure to read terms and conditions for the online group coaching program!

Here is what you will learn


  • Basic stance and movement in basic stance
  • The importance of body weight transition in movement in basic stance
  • Positioning and understanding angles in the goal
  • Saves of high shots from 9 meters
  • Middle step in saves of high shots, the importance of middle step
  • Saves of middle shots from 9 meters
  • Saves of low shots from 9 meters
  • The importance of middle step in saves of low shots


Besides these main topics, we will speak about the importance of learning proper basic technique in the beginning; a role of a coach who is working with goalkeepers; simple elements of motivation that you can include in your coaching; goalkeeper technique vs goalkeeper style; biggest challenges that coaches need to face while working with young goalkeepers; the importance of different coaching approaches; goalkeeper specific hip flexor mobility and flexibility; goalkeeper specific coordination; cognitive training; speed of decision making and information processing.

Are you ready to uplevel your coaching skills?

the program covers 

  • The biggest mistakes that most handball goalkeeper coaches make when working with young goalkeepers
  • How the basic goalkeeper technique looks like, how it should be taught and how to break the whole movement into more simple parts
  • The biggest mistakes most young goalkeepers make when learning basic goalkeeper technique
  • What to pay attention to and how to correct those mistakes

how is this self-paced VIDEO COURSE structured?


After your purchase, you will get the access to 4 pre-recorded theory sessions.

Each session is between 120 - 125 minutes long, which means that you will get between 8-8,5 hours of content in total.

In every session I talk in great detail about a few different goalkeeper training topics.

Every session consists of in depth theory part and video explanations and examples of elements of goalkeeper technique, in addition to which there will be videos of some of the most efficient exercises for work on basic goalkeeper technique on given topics.

integration time

You can join this self-paced video course and get access to the content only during the 4 main launching dates windows that I will open yearly.

You can join the waiting list for the next launch of the video course, which will be in February 2024!

When you join the video course, you will be able to watch all the video and theory pre-recorded sessions for 12 months.

After the main launching dates, you will have time and possibility to send me any potential questions about the content or exercises in the video course that you will have.


You will become a member of a Facebook group dedicated only to this video course, where you can meet and exchange ideas with all other coaches from other countries. 

This Facebook group and possibility to connect with others is what all our coaches love about this online course.

We can all improve more when we can share our experiences with someone who is going through similar learning process.

3-5 weeks after each main launching date, I will make a live online session in which I will go through all your questions and answer them. You can take part in this live session, or you can watch a video recording of it afterwards.


Before applying, please make sure to read terms and conditions for the online group coaching program!

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Do you have additional questions about the online course?


Don't hesitate to reach out and ask away!

I want to ensure all your questions are answered so you can make the right decision for you!


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