Many of you have asked me about NeuroTracker, how it looks like and what it does.
NeuroTracker challenges you to track multiple targets moving dynamically in 3D space, and adapts movement speed and complexity in a way that optimally trains your high-level mental abilities.
Even with minimal training, users quickly see mental improvements. Just 18 minutes of NeuroTracker training per week can robustly improve high-level cognitive abilities such as attention, executive function, working memory and processing speed.

Processing speed is extremely important for every handball goalkeeper, as it is the rate at which you take in information (visual input), make sense of it and begin to respond to it (output – movement). In sports, your ability to interpret a visual scene quickly may determine whether you win or lose!
So here is a short video preview of starting 2D version of NeuroTracker, which can be used in handball or in any other sport!
2D is used only in the beginning, after which is progresses to 3D. Science shows that 3D stimulation engages parts of the brain that are not activated with 2D stimulation.

After you click start, you will see 8 yellow balls. Two of them will be highlighted white.
These are your targets. Track them as they move.Use your peripheral vision and maintain focus on the green dot in the center of the screen.
When they stop, you should select the two targets with your mouse or keyboard.
The goal is to reach higher speeds by getting the correct targets each time.
NeuroTracker is used world wide by many different professional and top level athletes! I am so happy to welcome it to our “small handball” community!
In my opinion, NeuroTracker should be one of the tools that every top level goalkeeper uses on a weekly level!

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