One of the best ways to maximize your performance is by optimizing the power of your brain!

For the last 10 years I’ve been relentlessly studying many different training modalities and throughout that time, no matter what I was studying, I’ve always been extremely passionate about improving the brain’s performance.It’s from here that I became obsessed with learning about the brain, particularly the topic of neuroplasticity, and all the benefits that training in an enriched environment can have on the brain. Especially the effects of applying it in work with athletes.

I’ve used various brain training and cognitive optimization modalities in my coaching work successfully for the last decade in many different applications including handball, soccer, tennis, badminton, in work with professional rally drivers, in basketball, with children on the spectrum and I have consistently received great feedback. Everyone always noticed improvements in concentration, speed of information processing, speed in decision making, in multitasking, improved ability to focus on important tasks and ignore the unimportant.

Now I’ve decided to use all the knowledge that I’ve collected over the years to create a common online “playground” where anyone interested in optimizing and boosting their brain performance can join our community and start working on maximizing their brain performance weekly in our self-paced training sessions.

Stay tuned for more updates and lunch of the brain optimization course soon!

In the meantime, you can read here an article in Swedish language about my method of using brain optimization training in sports to improve performance.