Low saves combo drill

One more combo drill from Vanjo’s “kitchen”! 🙂

This is very demanding combo drill with focus on reactions on low shots combined with vestibular system activation, reactions on audio and visual stimuli and speed of visual perception.

Note: do not perform this combo drill with your goalkeepers if they are not able to perform properly all the separated elements of it first!


These are the steps of this combo drill:
1. In and out footwork
2. on audio stimuli turning in jump in basic stance for 180 degrees
3. after turning fast perception of which side is shown with shooter’s hand
4. reacting with touching the post of the OPPOSITE side from the one that the shooter showed
5. after that fast reaction on low shot to the opposite side and one more shot to the other side
6. somersault and getting up in basic stance (getting up without pushing off from the floor with hands)
7. while getting up turning for 360 degrees in jump
8. landing in basic stance and right away reaction on two more low shots, but these two shots will be in opposite order than the previous two low shots



Goalkeeper in the video: talented Dusan Tasic from Serbia, 2001 born

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