Hip flexor and glute activation exercises with mini band


We all know how extremely important is to keep high focus on improving hip mobility and working on glute activation when working with handball goalkeepers. This topic is very important when working with any kind of athletes, for that matter! The fastest solution for this is to include hip flexor and glute activation exercises with mini band into your workout!


Most of our movements in the goal demand very mobile and strong hip flexors, and strong glutes.

If you’ve ever wondered how many muscles are included in all the functions of the hip joint, here you can see really amazing explanation, together with interactive 2D and 3D anatomy map!


In addition to high demands of a specific playing position that handball goalkeeper has, another challenge is that we all sit way too much nowadays.

Sitting makes your hips too tight from being in constant flexion (while sitting, your legs are bent and this is making hips to be constantly flexed).
This tightness will cause your glutes to very often “shut off”, which then further makes them to not work while you are doing squats or lunges, for example.


Many goalkeepers are having problem with the lower back pain, which is very often caused by your glutes not being engaged. When not engaged, glutes stop working properly just because they are not activated and your hips are locked up!
Some of the signs that your hips are locked up and glutes are inactive are:

  • nagging low back, hip or knee pain
  • often hamstring strains, IT Band issues or knee pain during running
  • when you squat, lunge or run, you only feel your quads and hamstring


What should you do to unlock your hips and activate your glutes?
You should use more often the activation exercises!


Hip flexor and glute activation exercises with mini band will isolate your glutes and help you get them working properly! They will also help improve your hip mobility and hip extension, thus unlocking your hips.


Here is the video with 27 great exercises for hip flexor and glute activation with mini band!
All of the exercises are explained and shown, so try to follow the instructions while performing them.



List of the hip flexor and glute activation exercises with mini band:

1. Knee circles in anterior lunge 45°
2. Knee circles in posterior lunge 45°
3. Knee circles in lateral lunge
4. Hip external and internal rotation with one leg
5. Hip external and internal rotation with both legs
6. 45° step forward
7. 45° step backwards
8. Lateral wide steps to the right and then to the left side
9. Hip flexion and extension with bent leg
10. Staggered lateral bent leg walk
11. Hip abduction seated on the floor
12. Floor bridge – supine hip extension
13. “Hydrant glute” exercise
14. Quadruped hip abduction and hip flexion
15. Quadruped hip extension
16. Quadruped leg extensions with core stabilization
17. Supine hip flexion and knee extension with mini band above the knees
18. Standing hip abduction
19. Standing hip flexion with straight leg
20. Standing hip extension with straight leg
21. Standing 3-way hip movement with straight leg
22. Standing front knee raises
23. Standing oblique knee raises
24. Psoas march
25. Supine hip flexion
26. Supine hip external rotation and flexion
27. Prone hip external rotation and flexion



It would be ideal to include at least 1 or few of the exercises in your warm up protocol before your every training session.
If you’ve never done these hip flexor and glute activation exercises with mini band, then try to start first with performing the proper movement without the mini band. When you get the grip of the movement, then you can include mini band. Always start with only a few reps, until you build up needed strength and proper movement in your hip flexor and glutes muscles.


If you want to see more videos about the topic of hip mobility, then check out this category on my website.



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