Handball Goalkeeper Coaching


When you are able to understand and know how the proper technique for saves of high, middle or low shots from 9 meters looks like, what are the most common mistakes, and how to correct them, it will be easy for you to design and create your own ideas for exercises through which you will be able to work on proper technique and correction of existing mistakes with your goalkeepers.


Proper goalkeeper technique should be the most important focus for every coach in the beginning of work with young goalkeepers, because it enables a good basis for all the work that has to come afterwards.


Another reason why that’s so important is that it’s much easier to teach young goalkeepers proper technique, than to work on correcting a wrongly learned technique.


In the video below, you can see one of the versions of an exercise that I like to use in my work with youth, junior and also senior level goalkeepers for saves of high shots from 9 meters.

Handball Goalkeeper Coaching

On an audio stimulus, the goalkeeper makes the 180 degrees jump turn + lands in basic stance + makes a middle step + and reacts on the shot directed to the opposite high corner.


The 180 degrees jump turn should be done alternately both to the dominant and to the non-dominant side (to the right and to the left side), and it should be done explosively. Usually, younger goalkeepers tend to do the 180 degree turn in small steps, but the point in this exercise is to do the jump turn.


Right after the 180 degree jump turn + the goalkeeper is supposed to land in a stable and balanced basic stance + and right after that to make a middle step and react on a shot with the ball to the opposite high corner.


In the earlier versions and progression, the same exercise can be done with using a stronger pass instead of the shot.

While in the later options, it can be done with adding another 1 or 2 additional shots / save reactions to a different directions afterwards.


This exercise can be used in a warm-up, or in the main part of work on proper technique, depending on where you are at in progression and work with your goalkeepers.


Creating different exercise ideas is easy part of coaching job! More challenging is to learn how the proper goalkeeper technique looks like, to know what are the most common mistakes in any of the technique elements, and how to correct them.


When you have the knowledge for all these aspects, you will feel much more empowered and encouraged as a coach to create your own ideas for goalkeeper exercises!


You will also feel way more empowered to work with goalkeepers in your training!


And that is my main intention and motivation in work with coaches!


If you need help with learning how the proper goalkeeper technique looks like, how it should be taught, what are the most common mistakes, and how to correct them, you can join the next launch of my self-paced Level 1 video course group!


Get ready for the next season already now by learning more about the goalkeeper training!

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