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I had such a great time last week in Porto, lecturing on the topic of goalkeeper individual match and training warm up for coaches at the EHF Master Coach Course, Module 2, arranged by The European Handball Federation.
We went into a great detail about all important aspects of warm up, but I put a special focus on something that I use a lot in my coaching: cognitive training and brain training!
It was very interesting to share my coaching ideas and to see other coaches interact and get curious about them.


For those of you who are a little bit more curious about what I talked about yesterday at the lecture, here is the “long story short”:
Making the decision about the goalkeeper’s movement in the goal is directly impacted by the quality of visual input.
Visual system is one of the primary systems through which handball goalkeepers get input based on which they need to make a decision about what to do with what they saw + to execute the movement.
More than 70% of all movement and postural activity (balance/stabilization) is reflexively mediated by the visual system!
In research data, you will find different percentages on the role of the visual system but most agree that the sensory input that helps determine motor output is about 70% from the visual system. Another 20% from the vestibular system. And the remaining 10% is from proprioceptive input.


In a lot of my work and exercises, you will notice different elements of cognitive training, and there are a few reasons for that:
  • I want to activate several areas of the brain, to engage more brain systems at once for the purpose of improving the speed of decision making and speed of information processing
  • I want to help goalkeepers I work with to select and process the most relevant stimuli in the environment and generate faster and more effective responses in different situations
  • I want to work purposefully on some of the most important information input systems – which are visual and vestibular systems
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