Combo exercise for saves of high shots

Handball Goalkeeper Training – Saves of high shots


In this video you can see one of the progression combo exercises in handball goalkeeper training – for saves of high shots.

You can use this exercise with or without players/shooters.

The first shot comes between the feet, and right away from there a goalkeeper needs to reach high right corner without making any additional middle steps.

The main focus is on explosivity of the lateral push off step for the save of the first shot. Which is followed with a middle step and save of the second shot in the other upper corner.

Combo exercise for saves of high shots


Don’t start doing this combo exercise before you went through all individual elements of it first with your young goalkeepers.



Individual elements / steps of progression for this combo exercise that you can work on first would be:

  1. save of the shot between feet
  2. save of the high shot in left or right side
  3. combo: save of the shot between feet + save of the high shot in left or right side
  4. combo: save of the high shot to the right side + middle step + save of the high shot to the left side
  5. in the end you could do the combo shown in the video


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