Handball Goalkeeper Training – Online Course for Coaches, Level 1

When you take time to learn more about goalkeeping and how to properly work with your goalkeepers, you are giving a higher chance for success to your entire team!

Most of the time, the biggest problem for coaches who work with young goalkeepers is that they (coaches) never played in the goal, they were never goalkeepers. So it makes it impossible for them to explain the role of a goalkeeper, or to plan and execute training sessions focused only on goalkeepers.

Some of the biggest challenges for coaches who work with young goalkeepers are:

  • where and how to start-which movements should be the first to learn,
  • proper positioning in the goal,
  • proper way to react on the shots,
  • how to explain exercises,
  • coordinating arms and leg movements in any of the save reactions,
  • how to make the balance between monotony of repetition of exercises and keeping it fun and interesting…

It’s hard to coach goalkeepers and help them improve if we don’t know answers on these questions.


If you need help with getting answers on all these and many other questions about basic goalkeeper technique, you can join our next group for Level 1 online course about goalkeeping for coaches which will be held on 7th and 8th of August!

This online course will help you get ready for a new handball season, knowing how and what to do with young goalkeepers in your training!

Check link in my bio to read more about the online course Level 1 and to apply, please follow this link.


We will have Level 1 online camp for young goalkeepers on 21st and 22nd of August. So, if you want to read more about the topics and register for the online camp, you can do it here.

Besides these two online projects for Level 1, there will be also Level 2 online camp for goalkeepers in August and Level 2 online course for coaches in September. In Level 2 we will speak about saves of the wing shots and shots from 6 meters.

More info about Level 2 projects is available here.

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