In the video below, you can see a few exercises for active stretching that you can do with your goalkeepers by using the stall bars.

From these exercises ideas, you can further create a lot of additional, own ideas for active stretching exercises for your goalkeepers.



Very often I see a lot of goalkeepers doing passive stretching in the beginning of their training, and I can’t stress enough how wrong it is to do passive stretching during the warm up/preparation for the training.

Handball goalkeeper movements in the goal are mostly dynamic, so it makes no sense to do passive stretching in the beginning of training as a preparation for dynamic movements.


These are the active stretches exercises in the video:

  1. Standing front split + hamstring stretches
  2. Standing side split + impact on both hamstrings + alternately touching feet with hands
  3. Standing side split + goalkeeper reaction with arms while bending the upper body towards the supporting leg
  4. Standing side split with bent leg + goalkeeper reaction with arms while bending the upper body towards the supporting leg

It’s very important to teach young goalkeepers how to warm up and prepare properly for handball training. That is one of the many topics that I talk about in great detail with many coaches worldwide in my Level 1 video course!



My Level 1 video course for handball coaches is open for applications 4-5 times a year!

➡️Here is just a short summary of the topics that I go through in Level 1 online course:

✅The role of a coach who is working with goalkeepers

✅The most common challenges that every coach who works with goalkeepers faces

✅Simple elements of motivation that you can include in your coaching

✅Goalkeeper technique vs goalkeeper style

✅Basic stance and movement in basic stance

✅Angles in the goal and proper positioning in relation to the shooter

✅Technique for saves of high shots from 9 meters

✅Technique for saves of low shots from 9 meters

✅Technique for saves of middle shots from 9 meters

To read more information about my Level 1 video course, and to apply, please check this link!



A few times a year, I open my Level 1 online camp for 13-16 years old handball goalkeepers!

The next online goalkeeper camp will be held during the last weekend in April (April 30th – May 1st 2022)!

If you can’t take part in live online version during the online camp weekend, you can still take part in the camp, because you can get the access to video recordings of all 4 sessions and do it in your own time and pace any time during the following 3 weeks after the online camp weekend!

Only limited number of participants available! 

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