Handball Goalkeeper Technique Training


There are a several important things that every coach needs to understand and consider when working on proper handball goalkeeper technique training with young goalkeepers.

I discuss in great detail about all those important things in my self-paced Level 1 and Level 2 online courses with many coaches from all over the world. But I want to point out in this post one really important detail!

I am very interested and the most invested in motor learning and skill development in work with young goalkeepers.

Skill training in sport overall focuses on proper technique of the skill and on different ways of applying the skill in competition.

One of the crucial things that we (coaches) shouldn’t do in work with young goalkeepers is that the logic of movement, efficiency, positioning, or any other physical aspect of the senior level goalkeeper performance can’t and shouldn’t be applied or expected in work with young goalkeepers.

We can’t observe the movement of the senior level goalkeeper, and apply the same idea when we are working with goalkeepers who are beginners.
That should be a very logical and clear conclusion, but I keep seeing it happening all over in work of some other coaches.

This is the message that I am trying to spread as much as I can through my work with other coaches.



In this video, you can see a proper movement for saves of low shots and a few important points when it comes to that movement.


Handball Goalkeeper Technique Training


But the fact that the movement for saves of low shots looks just like it’s shown in this video doesn’t mean that all young goalkeepers should be able to make the exact deep side step for that movement.
This movement is going to be challenging for majority of young goalkeepers, mostly due to the lack of hip flexor mobility, but also because of a few other, different things.



If you would like to find out more about what are the variations of the side step for saves of low shots, how you can teach and coach this (and all other basic save movements) for saves of shots from 9 meters, you need to join a current group of coaches for my self-paced Level 1 online course and work on it in your own time and pace.


If you would like to learn more about my self-paced Level 1 video course, when are the next launch dates and how to apply, please check out this link.


After you purchase the Level 1 Online Course, you will get the access to 4 pre-recorded theory sessions.

Each session is between 120 – 125 minutes long, which means that you will get between 8-8,5 hours of content in total.

In every session I talk in great detail about several important, different goalkeeper training topics.


Every session consists of in depth theory part and video explanations and examples of elements of goalkeeper technique, in addition to which there will be videos of some of the most efficient exercises for work on basic goalkeeper technique on given topics.


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