The biggest focus of my coaching work in the last 10 years has been work with handball goalkeepers.

Handball goalkeeper coaching always was and still is marginalized and ignored in most of the countries, even where handball is a very big sport. The importance of special attention to goalkeeper training is still not clear and strong enough.

This is why I have developed my own method of coaching and work with all levels and age groups of goalkeepers all over Europe, which later spread also on North American continent.

No other handball goalkeeper coach has ever traveled and coached so extensively in so many countries, and the reason for that is pretty clear – it’s very demanding mission!I find great joy, dedication, motivation and inspiration in being able to work with goalkeepers of so many different levels, age groups and cultures!

I have started coaching internationally in October 2015 and since then I’ve been coaching over several thousands of goalkeepers and lectured to over several hundreds of coaches in 15 countries of the world: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Madeira, USA and Canada.

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