Hand movement in leg kick reaction

Many of you have asked me what you can do to get your young goalkeeper to perform proper reaction with both hands in leg kick save reaction for middle shots from 6m line in work with your young goalkeepers.

So one of the options you can try is resistance band attached to the crossbar of the goal. You can use simple resistance band as this one in the video, or resistance band with handles.

You should always take care of proper elbow angle and position (avoid backwards movement with hands and over extension of elbows in this reaction) in order to prevent potential elbow injuries during the impact with the ball.

The leg kick movement should be done in two phases: 1. external rotation and knee raise and 2. knee extension, lower leg kick. In this way the reaction is faster.

The most common mistake that many young goalkeepers are making in this kind of save reaction is that they are lifting up straight leg with the knee locked. Further progression can include resistance band on the knee or ankle of reacting leg.

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