Eye-hand and visual coordination with an eye patch 


Here you can see a few eye-hand and visual coordination drills, performed while wearing an eye patch on dominant eye.

Doing any of the eye-hand and visual coordination drills becomes much harder if you do it while having an eye patch on your dominant eye. Thus working up additionally your non-dominant eye.
There are many benefits in this way of working. But before starting to do these drills with an eye patch – make sure you can do them first with both eyes open! 🙂

After you are able to do them, then you should test which is your dominant eye and then put an eye patch on it.


In this video you can see only few drills. They can be your inspiration for some additional ideas and options for some other eye-hand coordination drills.

You always want to follow the principles of progression from easier to more complicated drills. 



For some more ideas how to train your non-dominant eye by using an eye patch, please check this link. 

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