Speed of reaction is a great skill for all athletes!

But speed of decision making or brain speed is even more valuable! It’s not only important to react fast, it’s important to be able to FAST decide what to do about the incoming visual stimuli and then to perform the output – movement!


Many goalkeepers struggle with this, so very often you will notice that your goalkeeper is fast and can react fast, which is great, but on top of this skill you should add/work on the speed of decision making! In this way, you will create elite level goalkeeper!
But, please consider this really important starting point: this kind of work comes AFTER you have worked on all segments of proper technique with your goalkeeper! Meaning: there is NO point to teach your goalkeeper to react fast in a wrong way, with wrong technique! 🙂


In my work, after working on elements of proper goalkeeper technique and tactics, and after proper work on physical segments, I like to put big focus on speed of decision making, on speed of information processing in the brain, on the BRAIN SPEED!

There are countless ways how you can effectively work on these segments, and in this video you can see only one of the ways with the TestYou brain training system that we have tried on my goalkeeper camp in Germany in April.

The goalkeepers in the video are not reacting fast only on any light or color, they have different symbols / colors that they should react to after realizing which symbol / color it is, while disturbing colors and symbols are also being turned on.

In second exercise this whole process is additionally loaded with adding audio stimuli on which goalkeeper has to make 180 degrees jump turn and then to see which hand and direction the other goalkeeper has shown, and to react to the opposite side from that! 🙂


Meet German Goalkeeper Super Powerful Speed of decision making! 🙂


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