Being fast is important in handball goalkeeping.
Being fast to see the game, being fast to “read” a shooter, being fast to see the shot, being fast to properly position and react on the shot.


The question is – how do we train to become fast in all these mentioned segments?
Does your speed training end only on physical level? Do you ever dive into levels of proper brain training?


Trying to move fast in certain exercises in training does not always equal improving the speed.


The speed of movement comes after fast receiving and understanding the visual input which precedes the action. For us in handball goalkeeping, everything depends on speed of perceiving and understanding the visual input.

How fast are you able to see (or to “read”) that the shot is coming will have a direct impact on how fast you will be able react on that shot.


It’s very important to understand how to train inputs which will result in a faster output – movement. During the same time it’s important to learn / to improve how to use own body in the most efficient way to perform needed movement.


Keep that in mind and explore different approaches and ways about how to train properly the quality of visual input, and then also how to train your brain to “see faster”.



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