Corrective exercise for low saves


This is only one of many exercises that you can use for correction of wrong learned technique for saves of low shots from 9m.
In this video you can see combination of saving the shot towards the head, with which we are making goalkeeper to come in the starting basic stance position, after which comes the low shot.
The main focus is on proper side step and proper foot position in low save reaction.
Here you have to pay attention on hips and back position. If the goalkeeper is bending forward while reaching down with the hand – then the movement is not correct!
The box in the video, under goalkeeper’s left leg, is tailor made foam box for this kind of training, produced by NMC Termonova Oy. I warmly recommend their products to everyone! 🙂
If you are interested, you can contact me or you can check them out at: 
Goalkeeper in the video: Lauri Arkko.



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